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Zhuhai issues investment plan for 2017
By Xu Zhenhao,  
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According to this year's investment plan, Zhuhai Municipal Government is projected to invest 8 billion yuan (US$1.15 billion) in infrastructure, medical care, education and other fields. The annual funding program is projected to be 5.71 billion yuan (US$828.9 million), of which the fiscal budget is 3.52 billion yuan (US$510 million).

About 7.34 billion yuan (US$1.06 billion) is projected to be invested in 83 construction projects, including 73 continuing projects. About 158 million yuan (US$22.90 billion) is projected to be invested in 10 new projects. Specifically speaking, 23 traffic infrastructure projects gained the largest share of the investment fund with 4.84 billion yuan (US$701.7 million), followed by 21 municipal projects with 896 million yuan (US$129 million), 1 agricultural project with 292 million yuan (US$42 million) and other projects.

The plan also stipulates that 19.86 billion yuan (US$2.87 billion) is projected to fund 13 key projects initiated by delegates of the People's Congress of Zhuhai.