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Hengqin Financial Investment Co. Ltd
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Hengqin Financial Investment Co. Ltd., a state-owned comprehensive financial institution with registered capital of 4 billion yuan (US$643.7 million), was established in Hengqin New Area on Jan. 28, 2014.


The company, which is affiliated with the Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee, has drawn upon the model presented by Temasek Holdings in Singapore to spur Hengqin’s economic development through stimulating financial activity. It works to develop regional strategies aimed at market-oriented development supported by a number of financial services.

Hengqin Financial Investment Company buttresses the social and economic development of Hengqin New Area and is primarily responsible for channeling funds attracted by the local government, directing social capital to invest in pillar industries, managing state-owned capital directed toward key enterprises with high growth potential, applying market methods to promote the strategic development of the district, purchasing shares of other local financial institutions, improving financial resources and encouraging financial reform and innovation.