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Incorrupt Government Office
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Department responsibilities

I. Supervise and inspect the execution of the Party's line, principles, policies, resolutions and state laws, regulations as well as the major decisions made by the central government, provincial government, municipal government, district government, and the important work arrangements by each unit at Hengqin New Area.

II. Organize, coordinate, supervise and urge each unit at Hengqin New Area to promote the construction of the corruption punishment and prevention system, and the implementation of anti-corruption task.

III. Supervise and inspect the Party leadership and its members in each unit at Hengqin New Area to exercise their power correctly, follow up and implement the democratic centralism, the democratic and scientific decision-making, the administration according to laws, carry out the construction of a responsibility system for clean government, implement the regulations on being clean, honest and self-disciplined, etc.

IV. Investigate and study the relevant policies and regulations made by each unit at Hengqin New Area to propose recommendations for amendments and supplements to the contents failing to comply with state laws and state interests.

V. Accept and handle the reports and sues against the Party organizations, the Party members and the public servants at Hengqin New Area.

VI. Investigate and deal with cases about the violation of laws and regulations by the Party organizations, the Party members and the object of supervision at Hengqin New Area; handle complains against the Party and administrative disciplinary sanctions.

VII. Contact and assist procuratorial authorities in investigating corruption, bribery, malfeasance as well as other duty crime cases.

VIII. Conduct audits and supervisions on the fiscal balance of Hengqin New Area and the audit items stipulated by laws and regulations, issue audit reports and make audit decision or give opinions on disposal and punishment.

VIIII. Handle other matters authorized and assigned by the Party Committee of Hengqin New Area, the Administrative Committee of Hengqin New Area, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zhuhai, Municipal Supervision Bureau of Zhuhai, the Municipal Audit Bureau of Zhuhai, the Municipal People's Procuratorate of Zhuhai.