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2nd World Wildlife Day Commemorative Campaign held in Hengqin,  
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2nd World Wildlife Day Commemorative Campaign held in Hengqin

The Second Commemorative Campaign of World Wildlife Day was held in the beluga whale exhibit at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Hengqin, Zhuhai, by the Guangdong Wildlife Conservation Association and the Guangdong Evergreen Group. The campaign was directed by the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Department and the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government.

The Guangdong Wildlife Conservation Association held its first conference in Guangzhou on March 7, 2014. The association, an outgrowth of the earlier Guangdong Wild Animals Conservation Association, aims to promote the protection, development and rational utilization of wildlife resources.

One of the primary goals of the campaign was to publicize the logo of the Guangdong Wildlife Conservation Association. During the event, more than 200 students completed jigsaw puzzles featuring the logo, a green banyan leaf and a South China tiger raising its head. "I learned a lot about wildlife from the campaign. Also, I realized that lots of endangered animals and plants need our protection," remarked one student.

"World Wildlife Day was established to protect wildlife and raise people's awareness of wildlife protection," noted Hu Huijian, a researcher at the South China Institute of Endangered Animals and the Animal Ecology and Restoration Research Center. He believes the campaign can make people think more about the human-animal relationship and the relationship between human development and the survival of wildlife.