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Zhuhai offers visas on arrival to specified foreigners
By Li Zheng,  
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Specified foreigners – including foreign students, foreign high-level talents and foreign working staff – have been able to apply for visas on arrival in Gongbei, Jiuzhou and Hengqin ports since Aug. 23, reporters learned from the Zhuhai Visa Office of Guangdong Provincial Public Security.

Four types of foreigners can get visas on arrival. First, students from overseas universities who have been invited by enterprises in China's (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone to work as interns. Second, foreign high-level talents who come to work in Guangdong. Third, foreigners holding working permits from prefecture-level, or above, cities' human resources and social securities or foreign experts departments. Fourth, foreign students recruited by Guangdong's primary or secondary schools. People of different types get different kinds of visas.

It is reported that 16 entry and exit policies were put into operation together with the visa on arrival policy at the same time, ten used in the whole province and six specified for the pilot free trade zone. With the more open entry and exit policies, Guangdong, especially the pilot free trade zone, will be more competitive in the talent sector and in their construction and innovation work.