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Zhuhai to promote mutual development with Cook Islands
By Xu Zhenhao,  
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Perhaps it is hard to associate Zhuhai with Cook Islands, a beautiful maritime nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. However, Teariki Heather, Deputy Prime Minister of Cook Islands, in his recent trip to Guangzhou Province has made it clear that his country maintain increasingly frequent exchanges with China especially Zhuhai and extended his wishes that cooperation in a wider range of fields could be carried out between Zhuhai and Cook Islands.

Covering a total land area of 240 square kilometers (92.7 square miles), Cook Islands has a population of 18,000. Tourism is the main industry for this country. About 100,000 visitors travel to the islands each year. As Zhuhai plans to launch full bilateral development with Cook Islands, many Chinese workers can be seen at construction sites of infrastructure on the islands.

Tourism and fishery industry are the main cooperation fields. Currently, Cook Islands' tourism is at an infancy phase, and Zhuhai will provide professional expertise on tour guide training, hotel management and cooking to maximize the potential. For the fishery industry, Cook Islands fold the advantages of a wide maritime area and moderate climate. By combining these advantages with investment and technological support from Zhuhai, Cook Islands can soon develop its own modernized industrial aquaculture.

From the perspective of national level, these cooperation projects make Cook Islands the 3rd strategic point of China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Hence, Zhuhai's market will be expanded from the Southeast Asia to the South Pacific Ocean while Cook Islands can benefit from Zhuhai's increasingly economic development.