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Young workers in Zhuhai enrolled into university
By Zhang Chen,  
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 "Though we are the lucky ones selected from more than 1,000 candidates, this is only the first step. We promise that we will complete our study, participate in volunteer services and reward the Zhuhai City with our action," said Wu Shuangfeng on Nov. 13, who was just enrolled by Renmin University of China based in Beijing.

Wu's enrollment is part of the "Dream Fulfilling Plan" initiated by southern China's Zhuhai government. A workshop was held on Nov. 13 for the first batch of young people who were enrolled by colleges this year. 320 young workers are enrolled in universities this year.

The "Dream Fulfilling Plan" enjoys preferential policies from local government as well as tuition fee cuts by Peking University, Renmin University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Wuhan University of Technology.These four universities will provide further education spanning from 2.5 to 5 years to young workers with or without local registration in Zhuhai City.

The plan was launched in 2011. The number of students enrolled by university has increased year by year. Altogether 1,106 young workers benefited from this plan in the past six years.

These young workers had no access to university education before work for certain reasons. The "Dream Fulfilling Plan" gives us a chance to continue our study, said Liu Xiaoping, who was enrolled by Peking University in 2015.