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Hengqin lowers permanent residence requirement
By Xu Zhenhao,  
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To promote the development and innovation of Henngin, favorable policies to lower permanent residence requirements took effect on December 8. Under the new policies, Zhuhai is sparing no effort to simplify residence application procedures and speed up the approval process, evaluate the qualificationof start-up teams and support overseas college garduatesin starting businesses.

Specifically speaking, overseas controlling shareholders can apply for permanent residence if they have actual investment worth of over US1,000,000 dollars in Hengqin for 3 years and a good tax-paying record. In contrast, the previous requirement for investment volume is 2,000,000 dollars. Permanent residence is also applicable for foreigners whose income and tax-paymentsmeet standard requirements and overseas high-level talents.

Favorable policies for overseas Chinese is another highlight. Overseas Chinese born in Guangdong can be issued amultiple entry-exit visa for 5 years if they can provide relevant proof and warrants. If they requirea long-term stay in Guangzhou for the purpose of work, study, family visiting or other personal reasons, they can be issued a residence permit valid for 5 years.