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Ten kinds of talents to get local household registration in Zhuhai
By Zhang Chen,  
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Ten kinds of talents will get local household registration in Zhuhai starting on March 1 of 2017 after meeting certain requirements, the Zhujiang Evening News reported.

According to a new method for attracting talents to Zhuhai, the following ten kinds of talents can get local household registration in the city:

1. high-level talents approved by Zhuhai and under 60 years old (no age limit for academicians)

2. those who have been enrolled in talent plans in Zhuhai, under 60 years old

3. those who have won municipal rewards in Zhuhai or provincial rewards through recommendation by Zhuhai

4. overseas returnees who meet the city's requirement of overseas talents

5. graduates from junior college educations or above

6. graduates from universities

7. those who have a diploma from a junior college and are under 35 years old

8. those who have a bachelor's degree from part-time studying and are under 35 years old and those who have master's degree or above and are under 40 years old,

9. those with intermediate professional and technical qualifications or above

10. skilled talents who meet a certain standard

Since 2012, Zhuhai has attracted about 70,000 talents and 56,000 of them got household registration, including 49 experts in the 1,000 Talents Plan, 349 high-level talents in Zhuhai and about 3,000 overseas returnees and about 50,000 graduates.