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Guangdong & Macao to set up ship management notification mechanism
By Zhang Chen,  
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The Macao's Marine and Water Bureau has recently held a working conference with the Guangdong Maritime Bureau in Macao. The two sides agreed to establish a ship management notification mechanism to enhance the quality and efficiency of maritime management between the two authorities. And the two sides will ensure maritime safety through joint inspections and exercises.

With the continuous development of maritime activities, the two sides have witnessed a new challenge in maritime management, said Wong Soi Man, director of the Marine and Water Bureau. Wong hopes to deepen the maritime cooperation between the two sides through enhanced communication and exchanges.

Guangdong and Macao have long maintained close cooperation in maritime management with an effective communication and liaison mechanism, said Chen Biwu, director of the Guangdong Maritime Bureau. Chen hopes both sides will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of maritime management.

In order to strengthen the management of sand and gravel vessels in both Guangdong and Macao and to combat the illegal navigation of ships, the two sides plan to establish a notification and coordination mechanism for ship management and to exchange information about ships involved in construction projects in the two places.

Currently, the radar and video surveillance data between Macao and Zhuhai can be shared on a technical level. An information sharing platform with Hong Kong is expected to be set up in the next step in order to expand the monitoring scope. Management staff of vessels in these three places will strengthen exchanges in the future to improve the quality of maritime traffic management cooperation.

Guangdong and Macao also exchanged views on how to lower damages during typhoon season and emergency rescue work. The two sides will carry out joint inspection and drills to combat typhoons.

In terms of passenger ship safety, there are potential risks for the safety of passenger ships in the area where discarded fishing boats are floating. In 2016, the maritime sectors from both sides dealt with about 100 such discarded boats. The two sides will notify each other in a timely manner if such a boat is found in the future to ensure the safety of passenger ships.