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Leong Vai Tac: Hengqing provides space for young Macao start-up
By He Shan,  
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Leong Vai Tac, an NPC deputy and secretary for economy and finance of the Macao Special Administrative Region, said that Hengqing is providing a huge amount of space for young Macao start-ups, during an interview with Therefore, he pays great attention to the soft environmental construction, including systems and regulations.

Leong believes that if the young people can feel that they are related to the development of the country, they will have a sense of participation and engagement for national development when they join in regional cooperation.

Leong led representatives of entrepreneurs and the youth in Macao to visit the project of a start-up valley for the young Macanese in Hengqing in 2015. Covering an area of 128 thousand square meters, it is located in front of the Hengqing port and is aimed at young people ranging from 18 to 45 who study, work and live in Macao. It is a vital platform for Hengqing to support the development of Macao and the young Macanese.

Leong said that what he cares most about is whether the related laws and regulations in Hengqing can provide for a good space for the young Macanese.

He highlighted that proper diversified development of Macao relies on the two following aspects: improving Macao’s competitiveness and participating in regional cooperation.

Referring to the cooperation between Guangdong and Macao, Leong said that Hengqing plays a vital role in the cooperation, because the foundation for exchanges between Macao and Hengqing is solid. He also said the public share the aspirations for Hengqing and Macao. Therefore, Hengqing is a great support for business cooperation between Macao and Guangdong.

According to Leong, the Macao government should try its best to provide transparent information to the Macanese who are willing to work in Hengqing, and the Macao government should try its best to solve the problems when the Macanese are in difficulty.

He also pointed out that it will be a learning process for enterprises from Macao to adapt to the different system in Hengqing because the law and regulations are different in Hengqing.

Leong told that 17 projects from Macao have taken construction land in Hengqing and some projects have started. For instance, the basic preparation for the Guangdong-Macao Chinese Traditional Medicine Tech Industrial Park has finished. The construction of the main building will be initiated soon and biddingfor investment will soon belaunched.