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FTZ reforms improve Zhuhai's business environment
By Jason Lee,  
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"If there is a foreign capital injection now, it will be much more convenient for us to change the shareholding arrangements," said Zeng Ming, administrative affairs manager of Meizu Technology Company in Zhuhai, located in South China's Guangdong province.

He was talking about the changes brought about by the approval procedure reforms introduced for foreign enterprises in fields outside China's negative list for overseas investors.

After the reform, foreign investors need only report to the relevant authorities for recording the details of their projects; previously, they had to gain advance approval from the authorities before carrying out any work.

According to Zang, "The change from approval to filing greatly raises efficiency. Investors can report to the commercial departments for filing, and register their operation with the business and commerce administrative departments at the same time."

Zhuhai has implemented 19 reforms involving investment management, trade facilitation, as well as pre- and post-action supervision. These reforms were first tried out in the pilot free trade zones the central government has set up in several provinces, including Guangdong.

The relevant departments of the Zhuhai government have taken some measures to ensure the reform shave undergone a smooth transition from plan to action, as well as organizing an introductory session on March 30 to provide details the reforms, so as to make a best use the new policies.

The central authorities require that the FTZ's reforms should be transplanted and carried out in a wider area beyond them. Zhuhai has actively adopted them to further improve its business environment, lower enterprise costs and enhance market vitality.

Experts say these reforms, if well implemented, are important in making Hengqin FTZ a high-level opening-up gateway, Zhuhai a core area of innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and a strategic pivot in the Belt and Road Initiative and a flourishing city of happiness on the western bank of the Pearl River combining beautiful urban and rural areas.