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Experts gather to design blueprint of Hengqin
By Xu Zhenhao,  
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Recently, about 400 entrepreneurs and experts of the cultural industry attended a forum concerning the promotion of the development and innovation of advertising and cultural industries in Hengqin.

When Hengqin New Area was launched, one of its functions was to serve as a pilot zone for culture and education with industrial design, exhibition design and animation design as pillar industries. According to Li Zezhong, acting mayor of Zhuhai, the government of Zhuhai issues specific policies on promoting cultural industry.

In his view, Zhuhai has advantages, including good infrastructure like Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and enjoy favorable policies brought by the Belt & Road Initiative and Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone. All of these create good conditions for developing advertising and cultural industries. Gan Lin, deputy director of State Administration for Industry & Commerce, also hoped that Zhuhai would turn its advantages of policies and location into market advantages.

According to the development schedule, Hengqin will integrate all forms of the advertising industry, build a full downstream-and-upstream industrial chain, launch service platforms for enterprises of the national advertising innovative industry park.

Then there is the question of how to advance the international influence of these enterprises based on the favorable policies? Zhang Guohua, president of China Advertising Association, thinks that the key lies in finding out the unique characteristics of Hengqin. Citing the examples of Cannes, Davos and Sheffield, Zhang suggested changing the style of Hengqin in terms of building design and macro planning. Advertising and cultural industries should be enhanced using a global vision and taking new technologies into consideration.

Although an industrial park has been built, much has to be done to attract more enterprises and form an industrial cluster. According to Zhao Ziqian, chief supervisor of Guangzhou Outdoor Advertising Association, small-sized enterprises are concerned about financial subsidies while big companies focus on continuity of policies. If policies change after leadership change, that is not good for the steady development of enterprises. Zhao also suggested strengthening the publicity of Hengqin.