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Setting up a company
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Setting up a Company:

Take all registration forms and relevant documents to the desk of the Industry Development Bureau in the Hengqin Administration Hall. The bureau will approve the registration or submit it to higher authorities for approval in 10 days if you submit all necessary materials and meet the requirements for foreign companies.

Registration for Foreign Investments

1. Interested parties can obtain the Establishment Registry Form for Name Verification and Business Registration at the service counter of the Hengqin Administration for Industry and Commerce, or download the form from the Website of Zhuhai Red Shield.


2. Verify your name;

3. Download the approval form from the Hengqin site;

4. Submit it at the service counter at the Industrial Development Bureau for approval;

5. Obtain the approval document and certificate for foreign investment;

6. Prepare documents in order to register at the Hengqin Administration for Industry and Commerce as required by business registration standards for foreign investments;

7. Obtain a business license;

8. Obtain an organization code at the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (Hengqin service counter or Zhuhai service counter);

9. Complete taxation registration;

10. Apply for permitted operating items.