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Chimelong to build another four theme parks in Zhuhai,  


The Zhuhai municipal government and Chimelong Group signed a new investment agreement on December 4, covering construction of another four theme parks in Zhuhai, including Animal Kingdom, Ocean Adventure Park, Water Park and Future World Science and Technology Theme Park, with a total investment of over 50 billion yuan.

Currently, preparations are underway for the construction of all four theme parks that are eventually expected to attract 50 million tourists a year.

Animal Kingdom will bring together science popularization, conservation, films, performances and rare animals and plants cultivation. Water Park, located in Nanwan Town, will be larger than the existing Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park. Also, it will boast indoor projects and the park will be open all year round. Ocean Adventure Park will be built as a recreational landmark in Hengqin. In addition, Future World Science and Technology Theme Park will mainly focus on the futuristic science fiction.

The theme parks are all described as world-class facilities and each has its own characteristics and style, suitable for all ages and offering great entertainment.

Hengqin is to work together with Macao to create a world-level leisure and tourism center. Besides, Chimelong also plans to introduce more preferential policies to attract more tourists from Hong Kong and Macao.