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Hebao Island in Zhuhai, an idyllic place for urban dwellers
By Li Yang,  


Hebao Island has picturesque views, beaches, reefs and mountains. Its westernside has challenging terrain for climbers. The views of sunrise and sunset on the island are breathtaking.

The crabs scuttling about on the beaches offer special natural fun at night.

The sea waves, stars and brilliant moon make the island an ideal shelter for people seek to escape the pressures of city life.

It is suggested to bring one’s own supply of food and water as there are only a few restaurants on the island.

Hebao Island used to be a military stronghold and has some bunkers, observatories and ruined bomb shelter ruins that offer good exploration experiences.

The wooden houses built on the beaches can only accommodate one person each. It costs 10 to 40 yuan (US$7.5) to rent a tent for a night on the island. However, the number of tents is limited compared with the strong demand of visitors, who are recommended to  bring their own tents.

Self-driving tourists can go by the Guangzhou-Shenzhen High-Speed Road, Nansha Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai High-speed Road, Provincial Highway 135 and Zhugang Road to reach the port that serves the island. It takes 25 minutes by ship, and then 15 minutes by minibus to reach the mountain-top bus station on the island.

Tourists can also take the No 605 Bus to Nanshui Town bus station in Jinwan district, and then transfer to No 701 Bus to the Hebao Island Port bus station to take the ship to the island.