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Zhuhai traffic police cooperate with Baidu Map,  
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The traffic police department in Zhuhai signed a cooperation agreement with Baidu Map recently, Zhuhai Daily reported. The two sides will cooperate on basic data and launch a smart traffic mode in Zhuhai.

The Zhuhai police have carried out similar cooperation with AMAP. With Baidu joining the cooperation, police in Zhuhai will get more accurate information about the traffic situation on each road.

Baidu Map has carried out cooperation with traffic police departments in other cities too, said an insider from Baidu Map. "Based on our experience, we will be able to find the law of traffic using big data, and hence we can predict the traffic. For example, one Beijing traffic law is that most of the commuters go from low-price apartment areas to high-salary commercial areas during rush hours. We can only predict the traffic situation if we can find the hidden traffic patterns in Zhuhai.