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Guangdong issues simplified procedures for duty-paid certificates
By Xu Zhenhao,  
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According to Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau, local residents could carry any valid identification document and apply for their duty-paid certificates of personal income tax in any tax paying service hall of Guangdong Province from May 5th. Currently, most taxpayers have to apply for a digital duty-paid certificate, but when taxpayers need a printed certificate, they could only get the certificate at the taxpaying service offices of their company or employer.

As Guangdong enacts simplified application procedures, taxpayers are free to apply for the certificate at any tax paying service hall. In addition, all taxpaying records of a taxpayer are printed out in the certificate, which is different from the previous situation where the printed certificate only recordedone's taxpaying records made at the employer you are working for. For  local residents who need the certificate but are not in Guangzhou now, they could also apply for the certificate on the condition that both the taxpayer and the taxpaying service hall sign the triplicate forms of a personal income tax bill.