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Zhuhai's Dong'ao and Wailingding islands become national 4A-Grade tourist attractions
By Zhang Chen,  
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Zhuhai's Dong’ao and Wailingding islands were recently designated national 4A-Grade tourist attractions by the Guangdong Tourist Attraction Quality Rating Committee, Zhuhai Daily reports.

Wailingding has gained popularity with eight famous attractions due to well-known mantras from Wen Tianxiang (1236-83), who was a politician and litterateur at the time.

Remnants of military buildings can be found everywhere on Dong'ao Island as evidence of its being the most prosperous island in the archipelago in the past. Nansha Bay, one of its beautiful landscapes reputed as "diamond beach," boasts smooth white sands and clear seawater.

The Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone has made great efforts to build high-end tourism brands since 2016. More than 100 million yuan (about US$14.7 million) has been invested in environmental and landscaping upgrades in island scenic areas. Key improvement projects have been carried out in several areas, including infrastructure, transportation, tourist security, sanitation, shopping, comprehensive management, conservation of resources, and landscape quality.