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5G on the way for Zhuhai
By Wang Haonan,  
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Ameeting of the Executive Committee of Zhuhai Municipal People's Government on July 6 adopted the "Zhuhai Smart City Action Plan (2016-2020)", under which, by 2020, the city will have achieved the layout of 5G network development and applications.

The major goals are that more than 70% of manufacturing enterprises above designated size will be involved in network intelligent transformation, the coverage rate of core enterprises' intelligent monitoring pollutant discharges will reach 80%, and the collection rate of real time traffic data will hit 60%.

The "Action Plan" involves Zhuhai Smart City Development's 2018 short-term objectives and 2020 overall objectives. Specifically, short-term objectives aim to achieve a comprehensive deployment of intelligent city construction, the establishment of an industrial ecological control platform, the development of digital information technology and broadband networks, etc.

The overall objectives aim to achieve improvements in the information technology level of public services, healthcare, culture and sports, and the completion of industrial innovation area construction.

In the overall objectives, there are five major projects, namely, infrastructure enhancement, improvements in intelligent urban management, intelligent public services to benefit the broad public, industrial ecological enhancement and intelligent traffic monitoring to promote an improved flow on the city's roads.

In the terms of information infrastructure construction, by 2020, Zhuhai will strive for the goal of 5,000 gigabits per second (Gbps) in Internet city bandwidth, full urban and rural coverage of the fiber-optic network and the fourth-generation mobile communication network (4G), the development applications of fifth-generation mobile communications (5G).

 As for smart industries, by 2020, Zhuhai is targeting more than 70% of manufacturing enterprises above designated size carrying out the network intelligent transformation. Smart industries will support 100 upstream and downstream enterprises and promote an estimated 5 billion RMB increase in localized upstream and downstream enterprise value.

In regard to creating an intelligent green ecological environment, by 2020, Zhuhai aims to see 80% of core enterprises achieving anintelligent monitoring and handling capacity in regard to pollutant discharges, and 30% of city's garbage sorting being covered by intelligent monitoring.