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Zhuhai's First Cartoon Environment EPI clinic
By Wang Haonan,  
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Zhuhai's first rural-grassroots-based digital EPI clinic with a cartoon environment is operational in Qianwu Town Health Center, Doumen District. The decoration is based on children's psychological characteristics, and the digital management system makes it easier for parents to obtain immunization certificates.

The fairyland atmosphere differs from other EPI clinics. It is divided into observing rooms, cold chain storage and other functional areas. The cartoon walls, painted with small animals aims to relax children. During the observation period children can also play in a ball-pit or on a slide.

"Creating a child-friendly environment can not only relax children, but can also make the observation easier," the Health Center leader said. " As for parents, the clinic can provide a one-stop service for children's physical examinations and parents only need to click queuing system for their children to be arranged an examination. All of the files are also digitalized so that parents can print out the certificates on the self-service equipment."

The clinic is not only the first high-level EPI clinic in Doumen District, but also the first rural-grassroots-baseddigital EPI clinic with a cartoon environment in Zhuhai, according to Doumen health and family planning Bureau.