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A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Industrial Base, incorporating healthcare services, sanatoriums, research and development centers for fine TCM products and logistics zones, is slated to open in the in the Hengqin New Area, Guangdong Province.

The base is expected to become an international platform combining industrial and personnel resources in the trading of organic herbs and fine healthcare products.

General hospitals and a Center for Disease Prevention and Control will be built to provide services across Hengqin Island. Meanwhile, the construction of community healthcare centers provides local residents with easy accesses to medical services.

In line with “the Healthcare Work Program in Hengqin New Area Pushed Forward by the Public Health Bureau of Zhuhai” in 2012, a grade A class three (top-ranking) general hospital will enter operation soon. At the same time, the allocation of healthcare resources and services will be further improved in the area.

A framework agreement on building a top-notch hospital in Hengqin New Area was signed between Guangdong Provincial Hospital of TCM, Massachusetts General Hospital and Zhuhai Hengqin Guolian Kanghua Medical Investment Co. Ltd. on Oct. 7. 2014.

An investment by the medical investment company, the hospital, with educational and training centers and a maximum capacity of 1,000 beds, will be operated by both the doctors from the TCM and Massachusetts hospitals.

-- Hospitals in Hengqin

1. Baotou Central Hospital (Hengqin Branch)

Address: Huandao Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai, Guangdong

2. Hengqin Healthcare Service Center

Address: Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai, Guangdong

3. Xiao Hengqin Healthcare Station

Address: Dangcheng Lianhua Road, Macao Road, Jinwan District, Zhuhai, Guangdong

-- Hospials expected to open in Hengqin

1. Massachusetts General Hospital China

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